Slugs and hens

Gnome and chickens

The hens are such good company in the garden, although safe in their run they watch my every move. Chatting to me as I pass reminding me to throw random slugs and worms in for their pleasure. I have noticed Gertie (The Speckled Hen) despite her size always seems to grab the offerings first, I do keep trying to give poor Daphne a chance by throwing a dummy to Gertie, but all the happens is a kerfuffle of squawking, feathers and dust.
This very morning I found a slug who overnight had dared to destroy a self set sunflower seedling. He was literally *toast* for my three lovelies breakfast. Unfortunately they were so desperate to get there first, they charged towards me flapping madly in their fresh ash filled dust bath. I was covered in dust and the slug was lost in the confusion, free to murder more plants later.


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