Garden fit for a wedding



Last year was a manic one, the year started with family illness and then the garden was a venue for a wedding! was flat out planting like a mad thing planning not only my edible garden but a garden full of beautiful flowers too.The wedding was very much a gardening theme, so creating a magical space for family and friends to celebrate was vital.

If you cast you mind back to last spring it was very warm early too early! then chilly and really wet. I kept my sweet peas in the greenhouse for longer than normal but they were planted in their big pots and this worked very well. Unfortunately despite the wedding being at the end of June many of the plants were not as established as I had hoped but never mind. We were blessed with only a small shower then the sun came out and we partied until late.

Then the rest of the summer happened rain, rain and yet more rain! I had a good harvest despite this and vases of flowers filled the house into the autumn.

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