The things we do for love


Getting a puppy has changed everything in our lives, including the garden. When we moved in, I removed the lawn and rammed the borders with bee friendly plants and flowers. This year when the chicken run went, it became even more of a jungle and probably the best it has ever looked.flower gardenIt was however, not at all Tilly friendly. Pulling at plants as she doodle dashes to the bottom of the garden to dig up and eat the bark. Not ideal, as it turns out that so many, well actually nearly all plants in my garden were “toxic to dogs”.  But Tilly comes first, and so to save my sanity, all dangerous plants have now been removed and replaced with a small lawned area. Some plants are spending the winter in my raised bed until I can decide where to put them.

img_5124I am now researching plants that are dog friendly and planning a new look for summer.

All photographs ©designsbysusy

4 thoughts on “The things we do for love

  1. Yes we have digging at the edges and eating the bark too! Must be a cockapoo thing! Ive so far managed to keep her away from my flowers, which are all in pots, although she does like to pull leaves off bushes and chew these instead sometimes! I’m sure your dog friendly garden will look lovely come summer too 🙂

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      1. Yes there is no chasing then and distracting is hard once they have something they want! Autumn is going to be tricky with all of the fallen leaves too! They are just toys on the ground to be enjoyed! 😄

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