Thoroughly Modern Tilly’s Garden

The minimal, modern style garden is nearly complete, big change from the garden of last spring.  Tilly the Cockapoo, has certainly made her mark in our garden, the lawn laid in the autumn couldn’t cope with our playful puppy, so dog friendly artificial turf seemed the perfect answer.
The planting kept simple, herbs, salad and veg okay for our furry friend to chew. The front garden, is now home to the cottage garden plants that need to be out of her way!

green and shadowmodern gardenmodern garden 3modern garden 2IMG_1545Modern garden 4Modern garden 2modern garden 4

All photographs ©designsbysusy

3 thoughts on “Thoroughly Modern Tilly’s Garden

    1. Thank you 😊 it is so much more fun for Tilly, if I could just stop her charging across the raised bed!
      They do look so much better just after a groom don’t they. The matts are such hard work, I have to use a fish stick as a distraction while brushing Tilly. She really dislikes her paws being done. The key seems to be do a bit everyday, well done Poppy for being a good girl.

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      1. I’m glad its not just mine that gets matts! I do feel awful but its not like I dont get the brush out very often, I do bits and bobs when I see them and a full head to toe every other day! Poppy mostly just lays there and if its something I really cant untangle I just cheat and get the scissors out! 🙂

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