All the leaves are brown

autumn-leaf-dscl-resizedThe way I look at Autumn has changed as I have got older. When I was younger it signalled the end of the summer and back to school, but now I see it through different eyes. Not just the fading of summer flowers, plants dying back and falling leaves, but as a most beautiful season with it’s own special charm.img_5139img_5134

Although my love of Autumn is a quite recent, collecting conkers has always been a big thing with me – I can not walk past a conker on the ground without picking it up.originalphoto-465464040-512128originalphoto-465464427-079369

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Classics in Red

Red Post and Telephone Boxes are classically English, some are no longer be in use but still have pride of place in towns and villages.
In the village of Thurlestone, South Devon the now redundant telephone box bought from BT for £1, has been transformed into a library for the villagers to swap books. Other villages in South Devon are also buying and revamping their telephone kiosks.
IMG_2267 copyIMG_0730

All photographs©designsbysusy