Memories are made of this

Obviously I take photographs all the time for my work. Prints for my Etsy shop and product photography for my sister shop Elsie and Martha, it is what I do, and what I love to do. But often I don’t remember to take photos of people around me just ‘doing stuff’, and I forget to take photos of family things, This is unforgivable and I do regret my many missed photo opportunities.
In my defence my family (well my son mostly) get fed up with me pointing a camera at them, not always wanting me to use them as subject matter for my next piece of work.
I love to use Instagram as a creative tool, using only my iPhone and various apps to create the images. I don’t do Selfies¬†– they puzzle me as to why people are so obsessed with themselves, Also no friends or family either, as this still very much a work-place thing I guess. ¬†But I need to remember my fun side and must try to record our life photographically, rather than just holidays and weddings. As they say, memories are made of this.