No more chickens

This weekend we said goodbye to Gladys, our one and only remaining hen. As chickens are social creatures, we felt it wasn’t ideal for Gladys to be on her own anymore, so we were delighted when we found her a lovely place in the country to retire, with lots of other chickens, quails and ducks for company.
We received a photo and a message from her new owner, assuring us she had quickly settled in her new home.

We intend to give the run and Eglu to friends who are planning to keep some chickens, and the space will become garden again.

Slugs and hens

Gnome and chickens

The hens are such good company in the garden, although safe in their run they watch my every move. Chatting to me as I pass reminding me to throw random slugs and worms in for their pleasure. I have noticed Gertie (The Speckled Hen) despite her size always seems to grab the offerings first, I do keep trying to give poor Daphne a chance by throwing a dummy to Gertie, but all the happens is a kerfuffle of squawking, feathers and dust.
This very morning I found a slug who overnight had dared to destroy a self set sunflower seedling. He was literally *toast* for my three lovelies breakfast. Unfortunately they were so desperate to get there first, they charged towards me flapping madly in their fresh ash filled dust bath. I was covered in dust and the slug was lost in the confusion, free to murder more plants later.