Sad goodbye to our furry blue boy

_DSC3301Our British Blue Shorthair cat lost his battle with cancer yesterday. Despite being given just two weeks to live, after a diagnosis of Lymphoma back in January, our tough little cookie fought on. Even when the growing tumour left him blind and it became necessary to remove his eye, he managed very well.
We  were initially hopeful after his operation, it appeared the cancer had been contained and he once his “cone of shame ” was removed he seemed quite his old self again._DSC3270_DSC3321_DSC5278IMG_3609_DSC5283Sadly despite my attempts to tempt him to eat with the finest cat food on offer, he lost so much weight and his decline was rapid.
We are thankful for the amazing care he had from Village Vets, everyone there was just lovely, (even though he really was a bit a of tiger at times) we couldn’t have had better care for him.

All photographs ©designsbysusy

Memories are made of this

Obviously I take photographs all the time for my work. Prints for my Etsy shop and product photography for my sister shop Elsie and Martha, it is what I do, and what I love to do. But often I don’t remember to take photos of people around me just ‘doing stuff’, and I forget to take photos of family things, This is unforgivable and I do regret my many missed photo opportunities.
In my defence my family (well my son mostly) get fed up with me pointing a camera at them, not always wanting me to use them as subject matter for my next piece of work.
I love to use Instagram as a creative tool, using only my iPhone and various apps to create the images. I don’t do Selfies – they puzzle me as to why people are so obsessed with themselves, Also no friends or family either, as this still very much a work-place thing I guess.  But I need to remember my fun side and must try to record our life photographically, rather than just holidays and weddings. As they say, memories are made of this.