Meeting Tilly


Our house cannot be complete without an animal, and we have been so sad since we lost our furry blue boy.  Knowing that he had only a few months to live, we had decided that we would have a dog not another cat, but I don’t think I’d fully realised just how sad I would feel when he finally went. Even now, I still expect to see his little furry face when I come in….

So to focus on the future, we started our search for our new family member.  Not a replacement of course, as that would never be possible, hence why we were decided on a dog, something that had never been possible during the cat’s reign.  As a family, we discussed dog breeds and all agreed that a cockapoo seemed like the best fit of personality and size for us.

But where to find one?  Clearly the minefield of the internet was not going to help much, especially with so many people seemingly cashing in on the popularly of the cockapoo and  many other popular family dogs.

Each time I thought I’d found one, I would get excited, but then came the uneasy feeling in my tummy – was I doing the right thing? Was this breeder genuine?.  To be fair,  I’m an overly cautious person by nature (my husband says I tend to overthink things) and had to disappoint my husband when I couldn’t bring myself to buy the very cute puppy we went to look at, because I wasn’t comfortable about the conditions he was being brought up in.

Instead we focused on finding a quality breeder, and  looked at the Approved  Breeders list on Cockapoo Club  GB and sent an email to Maison Jolie Cockapoos We were delighted to hear from Eve, giving us the great news that she a had a little black girl available.

We visited yesterday, and both she and Maison Jolie Cockapoos were perfect, everything we had hoped for, and now we can’t wait for her to arrive and complete our family.




All photographs ©designsbysusy

Sad goodbye to our furry blue boy

_DSC3301Our British Blue Shorthair cat lost his battle with cancer yesterday. Despite being given just two weeks to live, after a diagnosis of Lymphoma back in January, our tough little cookie fought on. Even when the growing tumour left him blind and it became necessary to remove his eye, he managed very well.
We  were initially hopeful after his operation, it appeared the cancer had been contained and he once his “cone of shame ” was removed he seemed quite his old self again._DSC3270_DSC3321_DSC5278IMG_3609_DSC5283Sadly despite my attempts to tempt him to eat with the finest cat food on offer, he lost so much weight and his decline was rapid.
We are thankful for the amazing care he had from Village Vets, everyone there was just lovely, (even though he really was a bit a of tiger at times) we couldn’t have had better care for him.

All photographs ©designsbysusy