April in the garden

potting bench

April has arrived with sunshine, very heavy showers at times and lots to do in the garden. My new galvanised steel staging has been built (thank you lovely patient husband) and is in position. It replaces the rotten wooden staging, which will finish it’s life as a useful outside place for hardening off my plants.
The raised bed is covered to warm the soil and protect it from my cat friends. Elsewhere I have spread Pyracantha branches on the tempting soil, fingers crossed.

wire chicken


Plant a flower day

Today is National Plant a Flower Day 2016 so lets get planting.

Ranunculus planter

Ranunculus or Persian Buttercup
A spring flowering bulb which makes a gorgeous splash of clashing colour.
They prefer a sunny position and do not tolerate heavy frost. I planted mine in a container so I can move them easily depending on the weather.
Ranunculus make lovely cut flowers but keep away from pets as the flowers are poisonous.

Ranunculus plantsTin troughcompostplantingplanting troughRanunculuswateringRanunculus planter
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